A man after God’s own heart

About two years ago I started a journey of reading Psalm 119. I wanted a desire and longing for God’s word. I didn’t want it to just be a daily duty because then, I didn’t do it daily anyhow. That long process of picking a part that oh so long chapter of Psalms began such a passion and longing for the LIVING word of God!
Since then, I have begun EARLY mornings with Jesus because let’s face it when else would I have time? I mean, working, being a mommy, a youth pastor’s wife…I mean that alone in detail is enough to make you want to sleep for days:).
But sometimes I have busy and not so great weeks. I fail to have those early mornings with the Lord. This week was one of those weeks. I would set my alarm and sleep straight through it. Oh and then there was that morning that I somehow set my alarm for Saturday on Thursday. I drove to work each morning with tears in my eyes because I missed my loving Jesus so much!
A girl after God’s own heart? Could that FINALLY be me?
As a teenager reading about David, I longed to be a girl after God’s heart. But how? When so much (the world) was craving my attention. This morning my time with Jesus ended up in 1 Samuel 13.

V. 14 But now your (Saul) kingdom must end, for the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart.

The very first reference of David states that he was a man after the Living God’s heart!

David is not a likely candidate. We could list his sins…for a while. But that’s good news!

God does not choose those who have it all together! He choose those through whom His glory will shine through! Even through David’s pits…he always found his way back to God. That brings such hope!

Never forget: Jesus chose us on the cross! Never believe that you are not worthy to be used by God, but have that humble attitude. Because it is in knowing that we are unworthy and that God uses us anyway that we are most able to be used by God. We belong to the King! We are royalty!

Thank you for reading my heart!
Have an amazing day seeking after the Father’s heart!



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