The weekend

The weekend is here and we are excited for lots of fun! Blaine and I went on a date last night (first one in a couple months). It was nice to be alone and just talk. Payton was able to spend time with YaYa while we were gone.

This morning started with coffee and time with the Lord. Isn’t it wonderful how those two things go together?! Studying the life of David right now and learning to be more of a woman after God’s own heart. The Lord is so gracious and He just overwhelms me.

Woke up to Pay singing Jesus Loves Me. Such a sweet, sweet sound.

Heading out to a bridal shower in a couple of hours and spending time with church family eating crawfish. How does it get any better than that?!

And tomorrow? Well, that just brings more time with family and friends.

We know how blessed we are to have such awesome people (family-because that’s what you all are in Christ) in our lives. We cherish those moments and do not take them for granted. Thank you for reading this and sharing in my life. Praying the Lord’s blessings on you.

I also cannot wait to share what the Lord has been teaching me. It’s bits and pieces at a time and I am still sitting under this particular instruction but I will be sharing as soon as the Father leads.

Love each and everyone of you.


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