It’s almost been a month…

Goodness…I have GOT to get better at writing (typing) on this thing. So much has happened over the past month…

For those of you who don’t know yet, cause we just didn’t spread the word, Blaine is now pastor of Bethel in Jennings. A year of praying and fasting and seeking…because God knows what I need and made me begin waaay early before this was a thought. We are excited and we see the Lord at work in some mighty ways! We love Bethel. We love Jennings. We are content yet ready to keep moving forward.

A couple of weeks ago, we lost my mother in law. She battled for so long. And we rejoice knowing she is with Jesus whole and healed and in her glorified body. As a wife, that was a tough week. How do you comfort your best friend, the love of your life, during a time when no words or actions can even bring comfort? Well, all I could do was bring him, and his family before the Lord.
Someone very close to me said some words to me that stuck with me…she said, “Now you don’t forget to grieve too.” Such needed words. Sometimes we go through things and because we aren’t the person completely, directly affected we hide our emotion. But that’s not what the Bible says. In face! The week before my mother in law’s passing God was showing me this very thing. We weep with each other and we rejoice with each other! That is the body of Christ!

And wow. Our church family. Did I mention we love them?! So much. They stepped up and loved on us so much! So so much. I am humbled that God has chosen us to SERVE this church. Yes SERVE. As followers of Christ we are not called to lead as the world defines leading. We are called to serve God and serve others. And they served us so well in our time of need!
I love the game of how we can outserve each other! You should try it! 🙂 Put others before self. It is what Jesus did!

I know I try to add in what God is doing and showing me and all I know to say is this is it! I am just overwhelmed and overjoyed by all that God has given us. While he also takes away, he never leaves us empty. Never! And also…go read 1 Samuel.

1 Samuel…if you think fiction books are gripping then you need to know the Creator of those minds! Cause yes, while Satan can turn our thoughts toward evil, God is still the one that created them. Read 1 Samuel and you’ll understand what I am talking about. I study a chapter a day as i read the word, and I have been left on the edge of my seat so many times. God’s Word. It is just so powerful.

Be looking for more to come!

Friday I am going to go have a date with my mom! We are going to a concert she was just dying to go too! It is my first concert with my mom! So I am excited! And then Saturday we are going on a day mission trip to Houston to meet and love on some refugees and learn about their culture! In order to love and show Jesus we have to meet people where they are and love them to Christ. Not become like them, but love them before Jesus changes them.

Ah. God is just so good. Thanks for reading!

Tiffany St. Germain


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