I do not like the Superbowl. Pray with me.

Football.  Food.  Friends.  These are fun things especially in our south Louisiana culture.

But the Superbowl means something completely different to others.  It means slavery.  The Superbowl has become the largest human-trafficking event in the United States.

Women and children (mostly) will fight for their lives this weekend as the Superbowl approaches.  What will you do?  What can you do?

Short of going to the Superbowl itself (not exactly reasonable for most), there is action you can take!  Cover your Facebook news feed with awareness.  It may not seem like much but awareness DOES catch on!  Awareness spreads.  And soon people who will have the privilege of attending the game will know that this is something to watch for.

Google.  Research.  What are signs to look for?  It happens in our own towns more often than we think so even if you are not attending the Superbowl, it is good to be aware.

And the most important thing you can do is pray!  Pray and pray and pray.  Pray for protection.  Pray for the plans of these criminals to be stopped before action can take place.  Pray for police to take action.  Pray for the government to take action.  Pray for those being targeted that they will not fall into the trap and will steer clear of danger.

It seems so small.  Yet, it is the most powerful thing you can do.  Will you pray??

Now I am not saying it is wrong to have fun this Sunday.  Get together with friends and eat fun food and have a good time!  But please, pray.  And start sharing the facts.