Lord, Let Them Live!

   A year ago today Blaine and I sat in a hospital waiting room waiting (go figure) on x-ray results for Kaden’s heart. We would be told a game plan after our pediatric cardiologist reviewed them as well as his other tests.
   In a hospital waiting room across town sat my family…waiting on the results of my dad’s heart.
   As we were waiting we received a phone call that shook my little world. My dad’s heart was a lot worse than they thought. He would need to have a triple bypass.  Not only that but it was a miracle that he was still alive. He had been having heart attacks, sometimes several a day, not realizing that’s what it was. If he would have become sick and if my mom would not have dragged his butt to the hospital, he would not be with us today.
   I felt like the ground might cave in, but I had to get it together as I held a 2 and a 1/2 week old boy in my arms who was also fighting for his precious little life.
   We drove back to Dr. Kattash’s office where we received the news we were dreading. Kaden would need open heart surgery. And it was up to him when it would happen. Until then, we would have weekly cardiology appts, home health 3xs a week, and guaranteed hospital stays for medicine adjustments and feeding problems.
   In that moment, I just wanted heaven. I prayed for Jesus to come back so that 2 of the 3 men (and baby boy) thay mean more to me than anything could be healed. We got in the car and before I could process any of this news, Because He Lives came on over the speakers in my car. Blaine held my hand and I cried and tried to pull it together at the same time as we drove to see my daddy…

                                         …more to come.


Our baby boy waiting at the hospital.


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